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This is for a friend R who has been asking me for the recipe for a while and C who was bemused when i sent her a crock-pot and still thinks I’m crazy since she has a fabulous cook, but has decided to try out this recipe   🙂  but hey the cook takes days off right ??

I love my crock pot , cost me 10$ and is the best thing in my kitchen  ( or at-least I think so) I  use it pretty much every few days, I usually make dal ,  Soups and all the sweet desserts especially Kheer. On busy days I also make Khichidi in it  🙂 I cannot think of soaking overnight and cooking etc., I’ve even tried Sambar in it but that’s a story for a different day .

Most of the time, I prepare the onion Masala or tomato etc., and add the dry dals to the mixture and toss it in the crock pot with plenty of water , and its ready for when we get back at the end of the day, Now if you are averse to the house smelling faintly of Indian cooking  this is a bad plan. but I’m much more into a hot meal than the smell so I prep the night before mix it and toss it in the fridge ( no water) and next day just before leaving I add water turn it on and let it run thru the work day.

This makes excellent soups so when the monsters come home from school they get to eat soups with bread or whatever they want and it’s got the quota of veggies and lentils.

When it comes to parties, I volunteer Dal Makhani, takes me 15 min to prepare , I save enough for a meal for us and take the rest and  everyone eats dal , right !! This recipe is a mix between Wah chef ( of the Bukhara  fame) and Raghavan Iyer ( 600 curries) .

Not sure how authentic this is but this works for us.

Black Urad – 1 cup
Kidney beans – Rajma ( 3-4 tbls)
Chana Dal – 3-4 Tbls
Tomatoes pureed – 3
Butter – 1/2 stick for the authentic recipe ( I use about 2  spoons)
Cumin / Coriander pdr
Red chilli powder
Garam masala whole or pdr – 2 – tsp ( cloves, cinnamon, bay leaves, start anaise, pepper, cardamom)
Ginger garlic paste – 2 – tbsp
Garlic pods – 2/3
Kidney beans – rajma ( 3-4 tbls)
Chana Dal – 3-4 Tbls
Cream ( I use just a splash, original recipe calls for 1/2 cup)


Step1 : Wash all dals . Pop it in a crock pot with enough water + garlic + salt + whole garam masala ( preferably tied in a spice bag) so they can be easily removed.  I usually turn this on overnight . Its cooked by morning and smells wonderful.

Step 2 : Heat oil in a heavy bottom pan. add cumin + garam masala powder or whole . saute , add Add ginger-garlic paste ,turmeric and add tomato puree and cook well for 10 min Add chilli powder, and salt. Cook until the mixture thickens into pulpy sauce (about 3 mins).

Then add the tomato masala to the cooked dal in the crock-pot and mix well , remove spice packet , Add the remaining butter and cream and set it on low, till whenever it needs to be served.

Alternately :  Step 2 can be done First and added along with dry dal’s + water and allowed to cook overnight or thru the day.

  • I’ve tried both ways. For parties , the first one works I cook the dals at night and  simmer the Dal makhani  the whole afternoon.
  • If Adding the cooked masala to the dry dals, no need to add the extra spice packet of garam masala.
  • This is pretty much my go to method for chana masala, Rajma anything to do with lentils.