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            The obsession with getting married and having kids. Why does that consume 7 year old’s. Were we like that, was I like that? Oh she has other interests , wants to earn tons of money ( heaven help us) , wants to go far away to college so she can be on her own ( and have boyfriends !!!)  . But why doesn’t she want to be president or win the noble prize or be the next great artist or be the next great farmer or something…. Sometimes I wonder if I’m pushing  independence, happiness by being yourself and equality too much?

                    I think we all constantly harp on education, arts, living and being happy by oneself and yet Ms.A wants to grow up go to college , get a job and  get married. thank god for the college and work part, or else I would go stir crazy. but it almost looks like she wants to get thru them all just so she can be married. Why can’t she do all this to be happy . In spite of me telling her she doesn’t have to be married to be happy. In spite of me telling her she can choose to do what she wants  and be who she wants . In spite of me telling her we will have her back irrespective of her choices. Why? where does she get these ideas? these stereotypes.

I never do dishes, I hate to, and a full sink doesn’t bother me at all 🙂  now a messy counter , yes I see red, Just like R cannot stand a dirty sink, he walks in from work and rolls his sleeves and straight to the sink, since he’s positive I’ll filled it and forgotten it.  I do the other stuff, yet Ms.A thinks doing dishes is girl work, Even though she very rarely seeing me do it and asks me why only dada does dishes, how come she never asks me why dada never cooks ? well rarely  🙂

                   Yet on the positive side she think only men make smoothies and can wield the Vitamix, sure I suck at the fruit combinations but somehow she thinks dada should only make the daily breakfast smoothie. so I don’t know . I have all these questions and hope someday she will grow up to be happy by herself and know she is complete by herself and doesn’t have to please anyone but herself.

Or maybe I have too much time on my hands and I’m a needless worrier!!!!!