It’s the new year, I usually don’t make any resolutions since I don’t want to change anything plus I can rarely  stick to them . The past year has been wonderful. I’m so thankful for it.  Nothing great happened but it was peaceful, happy and we all had a great year. Life was good, I started painting, we went for long walks, took great vacations and generally were happy and content. no one had any major health issues, no kids issues, no money issues and no job issues, so life was excellent.

Hopefully 2014 will continue in the same vein, with lots more vacations ( always a good thing) , good health , good job and peaceful life. Of course it’d help if Teen R  became less of a slob and Ms.A decided to calm down and keep quiet, but I realize  that’s asking for the moon.

Ever since we moved to This area I feel great, I love the place, love my home, the trees, hills, streams. Yes we could do with a little less snow, but for me  it’s the most beautiful in the midst of nature, happy place to be in. After 4 years I know for sure this  was a great move.

But I do have resolutions, This year

  • I want to paint more. get better at it and paint pieces I’m not comfortable doing.
  • Exercise More , walk more often, be more focused on healthy living. both food and exercise. Yell a little less at the kids 🙂
  • Organize the home more ( yes I know it’s already organized still..) and to  decorate a bit more ( I’ve been wanting those large ceramic vases in strategic places) and this year I will find some I like.
  • Have more fun with family, vacations, friends, etc.,travel more, garden more  and read a lot more books.

I know mundane stuff, but still something I want to write down in case I need reminding. and with that I’m going to start with organizing  the Pantry 🙂

It was a great 2013 and  excited that a greater 2014 awaits .