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Making Ice creams out of banana? yep I read it somewhere a long long time ago and  tasted this during out trip to Seattle.  but didn’t get to it till now.
Ever since we have the Vitamix , Smoothies is our go to food, we use it for everything, smoothies, soups, dips,dosa, vada, masala paste etc., etc., We squeeze the life out of the Vitamix. So I’ve been wanting to try this for a while but Either all the ripe bananas that I freeze goes in the smoothies or i forget to freeze them and just throw them away. so this time i decided to buy bananas , let it ripen to the point where no one would even look at them 🙂 , peeled, chopped and left them to freeze in the huge freezer in our garage and that’s the hard part. The Actual recipe couldn’t be more simple.

Take 2-3 frozen bananas and blend them in a Vitamix, The tamper needs to be used to push it down and a minute later … soft serve !! the very best. I’m sure this works just as well with any food processor.

Who knew that frozen bananas + Vitamix could  rival the best frozen youngster ever? Well trust me, they do.
and I hate bananas. I would never eat one unless I’m faced with starvation and Teen R will not go near one until he’s smothered it in honey or chocolate or some such ( yes very weird) , Ms.A of course loves them but she pretty much loves anything . But this we all eat.

For the adventurous ,

  • Add in 2/3 frozen berries ( strawberries/ blue berries work best)
  • chocolate chips,
  • Nutella .. anything goes.
  • Ms.A came upon this combination, half a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream, slightly softened , add banana whip, mix , add sprinkles on top and eat.
  • I didn’t add any sweetener to it, but I guess honey will work. the key is to ripen the bananas well – really really ripe and then freeze for the sweetness.
  • Yes we are in dead winter , but we’ll eat ice creams albeit sitting next to the heater 🙂