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Took both the monsters to the eye Doctor, see such proactive parents. Teen R already wears glasses ( or not) and miraculously his power went down with the not wearing glasses regularly.  His picking out the frame is easy,

  • He walks to the stand we point him to, The free one that comes with the insurance of course.
  • Asks for his size number, looks at the row for a minute.
  • Picks up a plain thin black frame and we are good to go.

This is what we are used too , now this season we have Ms.A, After a nice cozy appointment , she has mild power, so she needs glasses for long distance viewing. so barely  will be used I assume. and then we head out to the frames and everyone’s misery starts, and these are her steps to selecting her eyeglass frame .

  • She automatically goes into Diva cum fashionista mode, ignores all our instructions to go towards the free frames area and decided to peruse ALL the frames.
  • Then she asks the optometrist if he can collect all the frames her size and lay it on the table for her to see. — oh no my dear that would throw his well cataloged display system into chaos , so no just walk down the displays.
  • She sets off , with the optometrist assistant following her with a mirror and I settle down with a book.
  • After about 20 min, she comes to the desk with about 8 frames. ( whew almost done you’d think)
  • She then tries every one multiple times and examines her face critically from all angles, of course doesn’t ask anyone’s suggestions and ignores Teen R’s annoying comments.
  • Then she picked 3 and asked the assistant – ‘ do these come in selected  6 color packs or can I select the colors myself” !!!  EH WHAT!!!!
  • After a few min of confusion the optometrist tells her , the ONE frame will look exactly like she picks it. color design et all. Only ONE…
  • Ms. A looks shocked and horrified, —  ‘ You mean I can’t change them to match my dress’ – huh.. so I ignore the shocked guy and tell her of course not baby, no one has a dozen pairs, just pick one that suits your face and kind of matches most of your clothes ( and that would be purple thank you ).
  • She asks the optometrist if there’s an option where she can change the sides at least to match her dress ( as in change daily) — nope my dear no one has paid that much attention to coordinating frame colors.
  • Then she loudly says to me ‘ Mom this wont work, we’ve got to go to a better place that has better colors, this shop is not OK for me’

and that was that my friends… our tale of the eye-glass appointment, and to think I had to take a half day for this !!!!

oh of course me being the mom with only so much money , sunk her high fashion ideas and made sure she picked a purple blingly frame to match all her moods and dresses. 🙂 so it ended well, but left the whole Eye clinic speechless….

2 kids, same mom, same dad — Night and Day , oh the free entertainment in our life ..