Facebook is my time sucking evil machine, it’s also a big source of entertainment and I have to attribute my getting back in touch  with old friends to Facebook. So it’s good and bad but Most important it’s entertaining , sometimes idiotic and shocking.
For example : There’s a post doing the rounds about red cone mehendi. Apparently a brand of mehendi cone.
Now coming to this post  Red Cone ( brand?)  was used by some girl and her whole hand  was infected, followed by a picture of large boils  , truly horrific. so I scroll down and read to my shock that the doctors have recommended chopping off her hands and feet ( a quack perhaps??) and instead her parents decided to give her poison !!!  WTH seriously, Murder ???
At this point all thoughts of red cone went flying out of my mind which unfortunately was fixated on Murder and maybe to a lesser extent the quack doctor who recommended chopping off hands and feet as treatment.

Now I don’t know how true this is but I would never willingly circulate this around asking my friends to be cautious of red cone. Now asking them to be cautious of quack doctors or poison giving parents — Maybe .
My big question is where does this originate, who starts this, and  more important how can so many people worry about the cone and not the Murder . hmmm we are a strange species .