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Ms.A :  In bed and waving arms and legs in air and screaming a song about American girl  and sugar and what not, We all rush to her room thinking she’s hurt , She finishes the loud and horrid performance and asks, “Was that annoying” No? and starts all over again……

Early Early sat morning …Ms.A , patting the comforter covered lump next to me in bed asks : Dada, is that you? MOM is this dada?
(Huh? I certainly hope so. if not it better be Arjun Rampal or John Abraham)

Ms.A, while watching a teen movie – If a girl doesn’t want to go for dinner with that guy, why doesn’t he leave her alone ? If someone says no, you should leave them alone.
Me: ( aha free advise opportunity) Right. And if he doesn’t listen, what do you do?
Ms.A: Kick his knees , give him a slap and punch his nose.
oookay..well at least she has the basics clear! we’ll just have to work on the violence.

Ms.A : Mom is Santa Real?
Me: Yes , he’ll bring gifts if you believe in him and write him a nice letter in good handwriting  🙂
Ms.A :  Can I type and use spell check?
Me:  I think he’ll like it better if you hand write it, more personal .
(thinking I’m extending the childhood of my little baby girl)..I go up a few min later to put stuff away and eavesdrop on a chat between Ms.A and teen R.

Ms.A : god R, we still have to pretend to believe in Santa to get gifts….
Teen R : oh not me , just You .
Ms.A: This is so unfair !!!, I hate to be the youngest, they think I’m a baby  aaagggghhh and I have to write a page  instead of going to amazon and click click click buy it.
( oh where is my innocent child)