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We have quite a bit of land around our house, Most of it is wild and filled with trees , but plenty of it usable. We have a beautiful spring  flower garden/landscape that is very low maintenance, which is great for us since we are at best amateur Gardeners, Not much green in our thumbs and lazy to boot.

Last year we tried, went all out gardening, Built a raised bed , Grew baby plants from seeds indoor , planted and fertilized with organic stuff, weeded and played farm-farm as Ms.A calls it. However after all the hard work, our resident rabbits/squirrels/deer/rodent whatever  would sit by the veggie patch in the morning and leisurely contemplate what to have for breakfast, and take delicate bites of our lovely veggies .We then tried netting and what not, but they won. Half ate most of the veggies , yep half ate, they would nibble on every zucchini  and not finish even one!!!! so after a lot of moaning about the state of our garden , blowing huge amounts of money and time trying to keep them away we gave up, or rather I gave up.

Teen R however is a bit more stubborn, he decided to start seedlings this yr again and went with zucchini, watermelon and tomatoes. Planted them and in true teen style forgot about them, no watering, weeding, no loving care and part success . We got huge massive zuchini-on-sterioid .  Watermelon plant grew and grew and flowered but not a watermelon in sight  yet ! Tomatoes started late and we now have lots of green tomatoes, lots and lots and lots…. and the animals don’t like any of our veggies !!! WTH. We really don’t know why, they haven’t taken a bite out of any of them, they are ignoring our garden !!!! but the end result is we have plenty of green tomatoes and since this is teen R’s garden , he gets very upset if  we let the veggies rot, so I went to good old google  and found a recipe for green tomatoes that does not involve frying. As much as we love our fried green tomatoes , decided to go with the healthier and easier option — Green Tomato Masiyal. basically a thick ish sambar type dish.


1 cup cooked toor dal.
4 cups of chopped green  tomatoes
2/3 green chilies
1/2 spoon turmeric
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup tamarind water ( 1 sp paste/ lemon sized tamarind pulped)
Salt to taste
1 spoon sambar powder

For garnish -1 spoon oil,  Few pods of garlic ( optional) /  1 spoon cumin.

Cook the toor dhal till it’s soft .
In a pan add tomatoes, turmeric ,green chilies and water and cook covered for 10 minutes on medium heat.
Add the Sambar powder and  tamarind paste and Cook  in med / low for about  20 minutes – Till it turns into gravy and is mushy. cook till your preferred consistency.

Heat oil in a pan add a spoon of cumin + garlic, Saute and add to the green  tomato dish, Done.

  • Any dish that has lentils/ dal is welcome in our home, all we add is Rice or Roti and we  are set. quick and easy.
  • Garlic can be omitted, I’m sure it is not in the original but garlic tadka is a MUST in any lentil based dishes . why I don’t’ know.
  • Tamarind can be omitted I assume , since the tomatoes are sour enough but we are a sour  liking family so we add it.