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This is a hard one for me, one I don’t think I’m equipped to handle, especially in this Politically Correct world.  As a child or even a teen I don’t think I was targeted much, I had a hard head . Teen R is kind of like that , he was I’m sure picked on as a kid and had his share of woes but he also has a thick skin and a superior sense of self-worth, ( yes he thinks he’s beyond brilliant) any attempt to ridicule usually had him whipping out his grades and getting back sweetly. Either that or boys just made up faster.  So I didn’t get involved a whole lot, except for 1 or 2 rare incidents where  I sent nasty emails to the teachers and principal much to Teen R’s chagrin and then amusement.

Now with Ms.A the drama queen it’s a whole different ball game. A whole different parenting thing going on here, the need to be sensitive as well as prep her for the world. I freak when the tears flow. I imagine all kinds of horrific scenarios in my head ,   Then I get mad and give bad advise.For example I went and taught her the ‘Three strikes and you are out’ rule.  So she says  this kid had been troubling her, general shoving, pushing, kicking, tripping, stuff that all Idiotic 8yr old’s do either because he can’t stand A or because he likes her a lot. who knows how their pea sized brain works  sigh…

So after the first bout of tears We followed the rule book and reiterated  , first time walk away  ,  second time tell him to stop and  third time to go to the teacher and weep up a storm, and boy can she sob. And when that failed to stop the little fella , I shot off my usual sweet but sarcastic email ,  I’m sure they don’t want to see me at school  🙂  Today the sobbing started again and I gave up, I have a very low tolerance to BS, Very very low.  so I simply told A to hit back harder . If he shoves, shove back harder. if he kicks , kick back harder .  Yes, I know violence doesn’t solve anything,  but, like i said low tolerance for BS and even lower one for tears. I also reassured A that we had done the requisite stuff and I’d support her if she got in trouble !!!  and happily sent her off to school.

Now I’m freaking out since Ms.A is used to fighting with big 13yr old’s and doesn’t have to hold her punches and I forgot to tell her 8yr old boys are a bit more delicate than 13 yr old teens.. and to not let loose. oh god, by the time she’s done with school, either she’s going to need therapy or I am.