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Another recipe that’s quick to make and relatively healthy , that is if one glosses over the carb/  rice part. I love rice so  that can’t  be helped. The recipe uses sprouted green gram. It’s quite easy to sprout, Just wash, soak overnight , next day drain the water and rinse and close the lid and leave it for a day or so.. lo behold protein filled green sprouts with a nice crunch. At this stage this can be added to salads, chaat ,  eaten raw . tastes great. the sprouts grow longer if it’s left for a day or so extra.
This is a one dish meal , healthy and Fast and mess free especially since I always have something sprouting , hence rates highly on my list.


Brown/ white Basmathi  – 1/2 cup
Quinoa      – 1/2 cup

oil / butter – 2 spoons.
Cumin seeds – 1 spoon
Green Moong sprouts – 2 cups  or as much as you like.

To make spice Paste
Green chilies – 2/3 or more to taste
Ginger –  1 inch piece
Garlic  – 3/4 pods ( more the merrier)
Coconut – 1/4 cup grated. can be omitted
Cilantro – I cup ( This is the key for flavor)
Onion –  1/2 peeled.
salt to taste


In a blender/Mixie, add the spice paste  ingredients and blend to a fine paste with very little water . Heat a pan add oil or butter or ghee whatever floats your boat and add in Cumin.. when it  roasted  add the blended paste, saute for a few min till the raw smell is gone , add the sprouts and mix well.  at this time the recipe can be completed one of 2 ways .

1. Add the raw washed rice and Quinoa, stir for a min and add 2 cups water, close the lid and let the pulao cook.

2. Wash rice and Quinoa ( Quinoa especially well) – cook till fluffy ,then add to the paste+ sprouts mixture and mix well.
I personally prefer method 1 but I finish it in an electric  rice cooker .

  • Coconut can be omitted, but i like the flavor
  • Onions can also be left out or forgotten.
  • sprouts can be added after the rice is cooked if you want a crunch.
  • Quinoa can be left out and the whole thing can be made out of white rice — tastes great .
  • sprouts can be enhanced/  substituted with green peas, carrots etc.,