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Toe rings – Those lovely bits of jewelry worn on toes, pretty, I love them, I wear them ,change them and use them to show off my feet  🙂  especially in summer. yes yes I’m vain like that. Sometimes Ms.A asks if she can wear them . oh absolutely  , we found a baby one with a heart on top for her and she wore it in her pinky toe. Yes, she kept bumping into things admiring her feet the whole time 🙂

To me it’s an ornament and that’s that. Now I see a new post in Facebook (  my evil time sucker)  making the rounds about how there is a scientific reason for wearing it. Apparently it regularized your cycle and makes your uterus top class and even the western women are wearing it  !!!  I couldn’t believe it when I read it. Seriously, who thinks up such garbage and western women are the scientific standard nowadays?

oh lest I be called unscientific , Lets take for a fact that it’s a fantastic proven thing and  is indeed a great uterus regulator, why would we need only our married women to wear it. Why should only they avail of a regulated Uterus, can’t puberty hit teens wear it so they can have an easier regular time. How about  single women , they don’t crave regular periods ? or don’t they deserve it?

Why oh why do we take a wonderful piece of jewelry and mangle it into something that is a power play, mandate it and forbid it etc., why can’t we appreciate it for its beauty and let the wearer decide if he/she wants to use it and why do we need to send this around on Facebook making us all look like idiots.

Does our culture need this much protecting? makes me want to fling my toe rings in the ocean except that I have a fine collection , makes my feet pretty and  my daughter would have a fit. oh well such is life I guess.