Why do we go to school and later College ?  Where and why? Different people have different answers to this, some have more than one answer but not to debate this, the kids seem to have their own answer.

Teen R : I’m going to  go to U of M ( Univ of Michigan) .

OK,  we stayed  there for a long time and maybe he’s attached to the place and he has friends there and we’ve romanticized U of M ( go Blue) quite a bit , It does have some of the top professors and excellent departments , I can understand that.
But no , ” They have great sports teams mom ” and yet we don’t excel in  a single sport  , It is highly unlikely we’ll get to play in those teams, but let that not deter us, Teen R will pick his future college based on its Sports teams !!!!

Now coming to Ms. A , you’d think she has more sense than her brother, at least I thought so, but oh no, she is worse  + she is Ms. Materialistic being.
Ms A : I’ll go to Berkeley  or Harvard mom.

Why you might ask , because apparently kids going to  these  colleges have so much fun (?) , we can go to the beach, we can hang out with friends and also it will enable her to earn Lots of money ( how we haven’t figured out yet !! ) and she needs all that money to buy a house in Martha’s Vineyard and relax ..

Wah wah kya baath hai!!!  such awesome reasons to go to college, the acquiring of  knowledge hasn’t figured in their list so far….

and Oh Teen R at least talks of scholarships and such , Ms. A has absolutely no qualms about that, her dada will  give her all the money she wants eh !!
and she can’t understand why the same  dada wont buy her a house in Martha’s Vineyard, so she has no choice but to go to college to buy her beach house.  but that’s that.

Well according to R ,they at least want to go to college and we don’t have to drag them there kicking and screaming . so it’s a win win in all. God, such low standards we have.