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On my nightly surf through the web I chanced on  the Indi-blogger  ‘ Ringing the bell’  event , on violence against women and what you would do to stop it. Considering I’m from India and have had my fair share of dealing with ‘Eve teasers’ –  the name itself irritates me, It’s plain and simple abuse not teasing.  More a  lack of respect and stepping into the boundaries of an individual. but that aside Indi-blogger asks for out piece on how you would stop violence against women  and so I thought I’d try .

I’ve always been one for female empowerment and female education and rights etc., etc.,Patriarchy and it’s ills is a pet peeve of mine.  A school friend we recently met remarked to my husband about my ‘ women’s rights ‘ crusades even at school and my quick to defend ‘girls rights’ jokingly. But jokes aside I do believe in it and I do think women are entitled to be treated as a human being on par with other human beings. No better no less.

To me it’s very simple. Every house has to do its part. I can of course march and protest with the best of them,  and I don’t keep my opinions to myself when it’s in a group and I can argue patriarchy’s ills and  women’s rights till the cows come home,  unfortunately I lack the opportunities to truly rabble rouse here 🙂 so I do my piece with the poor souls stuck in my house.

  • I consistently lecture, argue and advise the kids and R gets an earful too.
  • I try to teach teen R to see girls as another part of the human species, not less not more. love begets love and all you see.
  • I try to teach and show them that  they needs to be self-sufficient and happy by themselves especially A. That no one can make them happy, Others  can add to their happiness but the base only they can provide.
  • I incessantly lecture the kids about equal tasks and make Teen R get extra special lectures 🙂
  • I’ve a ways to go with Ms.A but I’m confident when I’m done and she steps out the house no one will dare raise a hand on her, and if they do – so help them god.
  • I’m also sure that when I’m done with Teen R , he’ll be a fair sensitive soul who values human relationships and human beings irrespective of their gender . Nothing more sexy than a kind , fair and helpful man especially one that can cook and stand up for women’s rights.

and I think most important they see and learn from the running of the home that it’s a partnership, no leader  no follower.  ( of course sometimes I regress and become the dictator)

  • In the end that’s all I try to do, teach the kids  that violence is never to be condoned, and teach them both to stand up to it. for themselves and those that cannot stand up for themselves.

So yes , I don’t effect change on a mass scale I try to do my piece and hopefully when the kids leave and meet people they lose the shackles of this unfair skewed perception of women and go about being truly just . well it’s a hope.