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Lately The kids seem to have veggie phobia , which is strange considering A will eat anything, I mean absolutely anything put before her especially when she’s hungry, R is as usual picky picky picky but even he is OK with green beans and broccoli and stuff  . So no idea why the phobia. Well we can’t be veggie free can we, not when I have a fridge full of veggies going waste 🙂 so here are some combinations I torture folks with. Alternately  I threaten them with soup, and there’s only so much soup they can tolerate. , so they usually suck up and drink ,as it’s the faster option.

Beet shake.

Beetroot – ( 2) cooked or raw , the color and taste is deeper when cooked
Cardamom – few
Milk – 2 cups
Honey – 1 spoon ( optional)

Carrot Beet shake

Beet – 1
Carrot – 1
Milk – 2 cups
honey – 1 spoon

Pumpkin  shake

1 cup pumpkin ( boiled)
1/2 apple .
Nutmeg – !/2 spoon
Milk – 2 cups ( can be replaced with cottage cheese)
Honey – 1 spoon

Sweet potato Shake

1 sweet potato ( nuked)
2 cups milk
pinch nutmeg
honey (optional)

  • I add spinach to almost all fruit smoothies , except for the slight color change there is no discernible taste.
  • I try to keep all fruits raw and as many veggies as possible raw.
  • Except for banana, orange and pineapple I don’t peel anything.
  • I usually nuke a sweet potato and add to any fruit or veggie shake. I don’t add milk/yogurt to mine  plus I hate bananas and this makes it filling and creamy.
  • As a family all of us except Teen R hate ice . so instead we use frozen bananas.