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Dosa’s  are my current favorite for dinner. so out it comes once a week with amazing regularity. The reason being 2 fold.

One I’m the proud owner of a new big  pancake maker which enables me to churn out 4 Dosa’s at a time in super speed, thereby enabling me to finish the whole dinner business in under 15 minutes. The second being in our attempt to avoid carbohydrate laden rice , we’ve discovered various other types of dosa’s with a rustic flavor that the whole family has taken to. My poor kids have almost forgotten what a while rice Dosa  looks and tastes like ( sad huh) .

Paired with sambar, spicy powder, yogurt and topped off with a Veggie on the side  it meets my requirement of a meal for everyone. As long as it’s crisp the kids don’t seem to mind ( or maybe they do who knows) .

The various dosa’s in our repertoire are

Oats Dosa ( which amazed me 2 yrs ago and is now a staple)
Jowar Dosa,
Millet Dosa, Ragi Dosa
Green gram dosa( Pesarattu)
Oats/tomato Dosa ( same as oats with tomato added)
and the occasional Adai  ( multi lentil + rice pancake)

The proportions of ingredients are mostly  the same and the methodology is identical ( at least the way I do it).
Urad dal is Black lentils with the skin removed and I use the whole ones.

Urad Dal  – 1 cup
Fenugreek/ Methi – 1 spoon
Oats/Jowar/Millets/Ragi – 2- 2.5 cups.

Soak the urad and Fenugreek for a few hours, blend till smooth and add the other flour or in case of oats add soaked oats in the end to blend. Mix well, rest overnight and dosa’s ready to go.

Pesarattu / green pancake is a tad bit different and even more protein filled.

green gram – 2 cups – soaked and slightly sprouted
Rice – 2 spoons
green chilies/garlic/ginger – 1 spoon shredded

Grind everything till smooth and rest for a few hrs and it’s ready.

  • I like to sprout the green gram slightly ( a day or so) the taste is  better ( at least to us) and the nutritional value increases or so I believe
  • I usually use Jowar/Ragi/millet flours ( good old uncle bob’s) but these can be soaked and ground up too
  • I friend soaks Ragi, sprouts it and grinds it and the Dosa tastes incredible and extremely healthy , but when I have Ragi flour sitting in front of me, it’s very hard for me to go to the trouble of soaking/sprouting and grinding. perhaps someday !!!!
  • I blend the lentils  in my blender ( but again I have the mother of all blenders which can pulverize anything) , I’m sure  a wet grinder would give better results but then again I’m not up for cleaning the monster and the resultant mess.