This is for an old friend – M

Breakfast not the most fun,  especially so when there’s a picky 13 yr old teen with a tendency to be late. Plus I feel I have to start off with healthy stuff , since by dinner time I have no enthusiasm couldn’t care less what anyone eats.
We Two ( me and teen R) are definitely drink breakfast type people.

R is a standard, oatmeal + fruit + nuts  or healthy  protein Smoothie  person , quite self-sufficient and  caters to his needs and might I say a disgustingly healthy eating type of Guy.

Ms. A  is a banana milk shake with cooked cream of wheat  or oatmeal added in it  girl – pretty much on  every weekday . Yes, a change in this  routine brings on major angst. and we try not antagonizing the princess early in the morning.

Our breakfast usually is

  • Milk shake  :  apple+ banana+ 2/3 dates + soaked almonds+ milk or almond milk + a bit of whey protein added in or any combination of above.
  • Milk Shake : apple or pear + banana + a bit of cooked cream of wheat + milk + saffron / Cardamom + honey ( this is very easy and very yummy – like kheer)
  • Pancakes (TJ multi grain pancake mix) mixed at night + blueberries / finely chopped apple + a dab of Nutella , takes 5 min to make in the morning + yoghurt / Milk
  • Plain chobani / any strained yogurt + finely chopped onion,tomato,chilies,mint, salt/pepper on toast ( An acquired taste – but it’s like cream cheese )

When he deigns to chew , The teen R prefers

  • Toast with peanut butter + honey  or Peanut butter + Nutella / Milk + whey protein.

If I’m late i pack to work

  • Apple/ grapes  + cheese + walnuts / Almonds + Toast to eat with the ever-present Tea.

After M posted about Muesli , I’ve been soaking it occasionally  at night with chopped apples, a bit of OJ and yogurt  and it is YUMMY… and considering the plethora of health food stores around, they have some awesome muesli combinations that we can mix ..

so thanks M.