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This time on our India darshan we went to Bangalore , I was setting foot in Bangalore after a gap of 15 yrs thanks to my BIL and co-sis, although the stay was short , we were terribly impressed with the city, not so much the congestion but overall I Lurve Bangalore.
The other 2 cities we always spent time in are  Chennai  and Pune . This is not a comparison .
Now Namma Chennai  – I can take in small doses only , Very very small doses. I’m there mainly for family and great friends and food. Not to forget murukkus and the assorted goodies, I could easily do without wandering the dirty streets or even stepping foot outside in that heat and boy is it hot,  yes at night the sea breeze blows , it’s like the hair dryer turned down to a warm from hot. The mosquitoes seem to love us and culturally, well  I could do with a little less of culture.  Anyway we all know Chennai is not the love of my life.

So ever since I got married I decided to adopt Pune as MY city. The traffic was less, fewer people ?  No mosquitoes ( at least where we stay), No power issues, Clean water ( or so they say) , the Milk is really tasty .  Proximity to excellent shopping and great food, weather is lovely ( at night  again comparing to Chennai) , so Pune it was that we were going to retire to  , once I got over the “spitting”. ooh the pan chewing and spitting just too much to bear , but I figured if I was wrapped well, own many pairs of closed sandals and used it outside  I could live it out .. I figured I’d retire , educate them folks on the ills of spitting and failing that live secure inside my house without  dealing with the spitting , yes I do live in a fantasy world most days.

Then I saw Bangalore , and boy was I impressed, Agreed  I have a soft corner for the city of my youth  since I spent my single  working days blowing my money and living at will not being a very good girl. Plus now My BIL has a fabulous flat,  sure the traffic is a killer but then as retired folks we’d go out when the world was indoors working right?
I’m impressed at the construction, the airport ( yes who cares it’s almost in the next state – use cars) . I think i can move there.

I’m a bit sad to see Malleshwaram bursting at the seams, no leisurely walks along Sampige road, but I’m terribly happy at seeing the tree-lined streets . and my heart beats faster at seeing brigade road and commercial street . I’ve been told that Mysore is even better, and again having stayed there for 10+ school going years  I think Mysore could be it , have to go see sometime. and if there’s no spitting and no heat and it’s half as good as Bangalore then there it is –  our perfect retirement heaven.

Now to go about convincing R that I have yet again changed my mind from Pune to Mysore and start extolling the virtues of Mysore.