Every time I come back from a visit to India I come with various new finds both good and not so good. this time was no different.

The good ones are usually food related, I think people spend an amazing amount of time thinking of new food to package or cook or invent, It boggles the mind. The bad ones usually are in the cosmetics aisle or some demented clothing ideas, which I have no idea why I buy into .

Sunblock / sunscreen was one such , I saw this VLCC thing in an aisle and in the interest of protecting my face against black spots ( or so the dermatologist claims)  and since the whole world seems hell bent on depleting our lovely ozone layer I purchased a few of these . of course I didn’t try them on. I blindly follow the masses. Well not to black list the product but when I apply it, it turns my face into a peculiar shade of yellow/pinkish orange.  It probably works as advertised and blocks the bad rays ( or so i assume) since I have no way of testing it, but do I want to want to wander around with an orange face? and what to do with the 6 tubes i have? no I’m not exaggerating, my usually clueless son took the time to peer into my face and ask me whats wrong with it, so yes it turns it to an unnatural color.

Now coming to the good find — Oats and not just Oats but Spicy masala /curry/coriander oats in cute little packets, yep the instant kind people in maggi like flavors .
Easy, healthy and tasty ( well i cant vouch for the healthy part ) but i can certainly vouch for the tasty and easy lunch part.
Its not too gooey, it’s maggiish, pour boiling water on it , stir and maybe nuke it for a min and lo behold spicy oats.
It did gross out a few friends at first but c’mon it’s like upma and as i can make anything into upma, so to hell with the oats and milk sweetened concoction.
It’s yay for masala Oats. I eat this for lunch nowadays, wish I had more packets, its filing, quick and easy. toss a few veggies and it’s beyond healthy . This is one great find.

ahh masala oats heaven.

Well also came away with those soft , light , lovely Jaipuri quilts, Awesome buy and very reasonably priced and as usual i went way overboard.
ohh we have 4 beds , lets double up with quilts then and so on I went on a rampage.  unfortunately no one told me I cannot wash those.. well since I have a few I guess I’m going to try. but such lovely colors and so soft and so light.. how the heck do you wash them. hand wash? light machine wash?  c’mon how can you make cloth that cannot be washed?
I will be surfing the web to solve this mystery.

well there’s plenty more finds both good and bad , but now content to sit and slowly go thru the stash of murukkus, sweets, peda’s, bakarwadi’s, mixtures. If you visit me now you will be served the yummy stuff with chai.

ahhh yes the best part of india trip — The Return.