My favorite topic of the week – Packing , a pain, more so when one had OCD like me and a not so great opinion of airlines and their luggage handling capabilities.  Oh yes that have lost plenty of mine or should I say sent mine on exotic trips to far off places.  Although to give it to them they have always found it in a couple of weeks and delivered it to me.
There have been a few instances of some curious folks who probably had a burning need to look into its contents and helping themselves to stuff. I’m told I need to think about the positive in those cases – ‘They like my taste’.

Anyway this OCD mixed with the inordinate fear of loosing luggage makes packing a hell. I imagine various scenarios of  wandering luggage and split all my gifts evenly into all my boxes, split clothes all over the place, ( in the hope of minimizing my losses) and break open candy packets splitting them and then at my destination trying to find everything and failing. Whew makes for a stressful time.
then there is the need to have it packed tightly , neatly without shifting, with no spaces , in order and in ironed condition. Yes I know the suitcases were stored wrapped , still I need them wiped inside and out with  wipes.   Nope shoes cannot go in the same box as my clothes – yes I know they are all wrapped, still no go. Wine cannot go in the same side as chocolates , yes I do know they are sealed, yes I know it’s absurd but I can’t risk  alcohol laced candy however much I love those kind.

It drives everyone around me nuts, so much so that they bring the suitcases out  and flee while I pack and weigh and close and then start all over again – Rinse and Repeat.

I also make lists, in my head and on paper, on postits and stick them everywhere ,  separate lists for luggage, carry-on, handbag. and meticulously check everything off daily  and at the airport and blow my top when R suggests there is nothing to be done if I missed something !!  huh be quiet.

I think, actually I’m pretty sure ms. A has inherited this trait from me, as of this morning, she has packed her backpack over a dozen times, where as R the teen doesn’t even know where his backpack is and rolls his eyes when I order him to pack his clothes ( teaching self-sufficiency you see) and then I unpack and repack everything for him and he’s leaving almost 8 days later .. sad  I know but such is life.
Boy I’ll be glad when this trip is over, thankfully I don’t obsess when we are on vacation ( no check-in luggage you see) . This insane behavior is exclusively reserved for my India trips. But it gives the family a good excuse to be rid of packing detail. I know I know  I bring this on myself.