Living with a 13 yr old and almost 7 yr old is on some days fun, mostly it’s exasperating. The 13 yr old is easier to get along mainly because of his non confrontational, prim and proper attitude. so we coexist with me trying to rile him sometimes. of course he has perfected the strong stubborn Type to a T  . I lecture, he nods and we both go do what we want !! win win for us both.

Now Ms. A the 7 yr old is unfortunately, I’ve been told  a lot like me, No regard for Authority , Argumentative,  strong-willed, too many questions etc., etc., lets just say on a good day there is 2 or less arguments, on a bad day the sky is the limit.
Some of the conversations I want to record to play back later to show her how much I have been tormented, so when she makes her first million, I need a share for having put up with her. or at least a free vacation every year for every year I have had to tolerate her tantrums?

So for posterity sake

Me : A,  did you do homework,
A    : No, I’ll do it tomorrow
Me : It’s due tomorrow
A    : Write a note, tell the teacher you lost it.
Me :  That’s lying !!!!  ( horrified my 7 yr old can be soo devious)
A    : ok FINE  !!     tell her I Lost it.


A:  I can make duck noises.
Me : very good
A   : I can also make geese noises
Me : what’s the difference between ducks and geese
A   :  I will know when I’m in middle school ask me then.


A’s future plans
I’m going to grow up and be a mom. I’m  going to have 4 kids , 2 girls and 2 boys.
Me : really that’s a lot of kids, they’ll drive you nuts.
A    : No they wont , the girls will play together and the boys will play together      and  I will watch TV, that’s why I’m having twin girls and twin boys
Me : You can’t decide that,
A    : Course i can  ( there is no reasoning with a 7 yr old)
Me: How about food when they are hungry
A   : we will eat at restaurants
Me: Don’t you have to work to get all that money
A   : No daddy got lots.
Me: He wont give you money so you can watch TV and sit and eat
A   : He will, he’s not a meanie like you. he gives me whatever i want.

I’m looking forward to the 4 kids peacefully playing together while madam watches TV days . Now i have the motivation to work out and be healthy, just to live long enough to see this charming picture of her life .

Recently she’s been obsessed about kissing and marriages and declared to her dad that she would find her own husband – thank you very much!!!.

A few days later ,

A    : Mom did you kiss dad and then had to marry him
Me : I already told you , No , decided to get married and then did the kissing.
A    : I’m not going to be like you.
Me : You don’t have to
Ro  :  MOM !!!  don’t encourage her
A    : I’m going to kiss many many boys and then decide whom to marry !!!!
Ro  : YUCK  that’s disgusting.
A    : It’s NOT !!!  I will brush my teeth after I kiss each one .

I couldn’t control my laughter while Ro look at her in horrified silence – no words there.

oh she is going to be so much fun when she grows up, I have visions of her Stalking the boys with a toothbrush and toothpaste in her hands. Fun fun..