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I’ve seen a post doing its rounds in Facebook of a picture of Indian girls wearing Jeans and western ladies wearing the Saree. Followed by notes on how we are rejecting our culture ” while Westerners are longing to embrace it and craving to be draped in a Saree..  WTH!!!

I love the Saree, it’s a beautiful dress , I feel it makes me looks good – of course R feeds that illusion quite a bit. and I have a fabulous collection . To me a  Saree is simply yet another  form of dress. a very convenient one especially if you choose to lose weight, gain weight and morph into all shapes  – no altering simply wearing . But what has wearing one got to do with our culture ? oh it originated in India , that’s why? so if we wear it we respect our culture.

So we ensure our young women and young men follow our culture? Cant see men wandering around in dhotis. it’s even more comfortable than a Saree, especially the traditional panchagajam , divided et all, can even run hurdles with those.

Why is wearing jeans/pants so objectionable? why is wearing your choice of clothing said to be against culture? shouldn’t clothes be all about comfort. ?
How can that be dictated?  There are homes where it is mandatory to wear a Saree, homes where it is preferred if you wear a Saree and homes where it’s your choice but if you don’t want society to gossip it’s best to wear a Saree or at least a salwar. There used to be a time in Tamilnadu when joining an engineering or medical college meant wearing the Saree and nothing but the Saree – Uniform. Apparently some bozo decided it makes girls look professional and the boys have no need to look professional ,they can just wear  pants.  so unfair on the boys no? denying them their right to be taught culture and tradition and professionalism eh. Thank god the Bozo who though this up  either retired or quit  and someone with a wee bit more sense took over the dress department in colleges !

Why are we still defining tradition and culture by a piece of clothing? don’t we have enough useful traditions and culture in our vast land and history to follow without objecting about useless things? and most important why in god name are the very women who are subject to this promoting such garbage on Facebook?