Like most Indian homes Education plays a key role in ours too. We like to stack up degrees like pancakes. We regularly threaten the kids about maintaining A’s and our target is mostly Teen R.  I was thinking what exactly would I do if he bought home a, say ‘C’ or heaven forbid a ‘D’ . He’s too staid to try it but if he did? I realized I could do nothing and  it wouldn’t be a big deal at all . It’s all talk, I’d lecture and let go.

Teen R is also a rule follower, Mr. Prim and proper sometimes I want him to break a few rules. (only sometimes and not the ones I set  !!!) Of course he can be amazingly stubborn at times but not for the wrong causes so far.  so I wonder Why? Not , ‘why does he want to be good ?’  rather , why do I want him to rebel, break a few rules and push a few buttons? Why does it bother me so much that’s he’s Mr prim and proper?

It’s not like we’ll get off easy, there’s a terror with a mind of her own and scant regard for authority following close behind him.  So Why not enjoy the relative peace and quiet with this child ? why ask for trouble. ?

Lots of questions  no answers though  🙂