I have a sweet tooth and very little self-control when it comes to sweets, I usually keep well stocked with desserts both Indian and western. There is no parting me from my post-dinner Soan Papdi.  In my mind there is nothing that beats tea ( yep the milky chai) and scones.  the rest of the family however don’t share this addiction.

So to cater to my sweet tooth and trying to make it healthier, I modified the Ghee laden Poli a bit.  Once in a great while when we go to NJ , I hit up Swagat and get my Puran Poli from there, absolutely the very best , ohhh jaggery and ghee dripping heaven.

Anyway here’s my version.

1 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 cup All Purpose flour
4-5 Tbsp  milk + Water to make dough
a pinch of salt (optional)

1 cup Chana dal / split bengal gram
1/4 cup Jaggery ( whole cane sugar )
1 tsp Cardamom powder (Elaichi)
Ghee (clarified butter) – few spoons to drizzle once cooked.

For the dough ,  mix wheat flour, All purpose flour , milk, salt, water and knead to a soft dough. ( aka roti atta). let it rest.
I usually put the chana dal in a slow cooker overnight or for 6 hrs. But you can pressure cook it or watch it cook in a pot of water – whatever floats your boat.
Once it’s cooked, Drain it and blend it with the jaggery and cardamom. No water please, it has to be kind of dry, add a spoon of ghee and make small balls.

Make bigger balls out of the dough, flatten it a bit, put the smaller dal-jaggery ball in it, stretch to cover and pat it into a flat roti and then roll it.I use a parchment paper and plastic wrap to sandwich the dough and roll on top.
After that it’s purely your roti/paratha making Skills at play, the addition of all-purpose floor makes it easy and strechy for me. here’s a picture of the rolled Poli.
I like it really thin  , the usual standard is a thick Roti stuffed liberally and oozing ghee, but we are trying to be healthy remember. Also I use olive oil to roll the Poli and not flour. Something about that glistening Jaggery filled strechy dough makes me happy.

Copy (2) of IMG00242-20120114-1549

heat a pan and cook it on both sides, go easy on the Ghee 🙂
Lo and behold Yummy Polis !!!!

  • You can use whole wheat flour and omit the all-purpose floor if you are for healthy eating or if you are one for pure taste and to hell with guilt, go with 100% All-purpose floor .
  • I can pretty much stuff anything into a Paratha , that is a skill that so many many years of living in a place far away from a decent Indian restaurant has bestowed on me.
  • You may not get it at the first go unless you are a natural chef, but it will eventually come and if it doesn’t, no biggie, it still tastes good with the filling oozing out .
  • If you are in a dead hurry, then dispense with the dough , make the filling and just eat it. It is a MUCH more satisfying sweet.