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“Oats Dosa” – My first thought was WTH !!! why mess with Dosa ? That was then, now in our house by default Dosa means Oatmeal Dosa . We are trying to be a healthy living kinda people , we like to live for a long time and torment as many people as possible .

This is a recipe from a friend “Maams”  or rather Lakshmi  but some things are non-negotiable MAMA always gets the credit.

As a bonus this comes out great as “Paniyarams” ..those tiny crispy puffy snack. After transporting the heavy pan from India I realized it’s easily available here (Aebleskiver pans) and much lighter too – apparently the west makes pancakes in them .. who knew.

  • 2 Cups Oats ( any kind )
  • 1 Cup Urad dal
  • 1 Spoon methi seeds / fenugreek ( optional)
  • Salt to taste

Soak everything for an hr or so ( yep oatmeal gets slimy) , blend together till Slightly smooth. You could let it to ferment overnight or for a few hours.

Heat a pan , spread the batter pancake/crepe like , drizzle some oil and once it’s cooked enjoy.

The best part is this can be blended using any old blender , no need to trouble Shanta aka “Shanta tilting wet grinder ” . Imagine yummy dosa’s / pancakes without having to deal with Shanta  and healthy to boot .